B Still Healing Massage  - Facilitate Healing
Therapy Services
Massage is more effective when received on a consistent basis using the most effective techniques for each ailment. Therefore, B Still Healing Massage uses a combination of Swedish/deep tissue, neuromuscular and reflexology during each massage to attain effective healing.

60 Minute: $65:
90 Minute: $90:

Certified Integrative Reflexology
45 Minutes $55

Certified Nurturing the Mother Pregnancy Massage (Prenatal, Labor, Postpartum)
60 Minute: $80
90 Minute: $105

Hot Stone
60 Minute: $85

Certified Oncology Massage
60 Minute $85
90 Minute $110

60 Min Massage
Three for $150
Six for $260

90 Min Massage
Three for $185
Six for $350

Pregnancy Massage
60 Min
Three for $210

90 Min
Three for $285

Full Term Pregnancy Package Available
Contact for more information

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