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Integrative Reflexology®

Integrative Reflexology® is a foot, hand and ear reflexology training that is a modality of massage and bodywork therapies. The method is also a whole hand technique that is easier for the therapists to give and more enjoyable for the client. Your certified Integrative Reflexology® is trained in understanding your foots structure and the importance it plays in your alignment.

Your Certified Integrative Reflexology® will open the zone pathways for better circulation. It will also stimulate the proprioceptors on the bottom of your feet to increase the stimulation of the nerve endings, giving a calming effect to your whole body.

Benefits you may experience

•A deeply relaxing and therapeutic response.

•Increased digestive response and constipation relief.

•Sinus drainage, while still in the session.

•Decreased bronchi and lung congestion.

•Uterine reflex stimulation to bring on overdue babies or late menses.

•Uterine reflex stimulation will also relieve some of the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome).

•Reduced muscular tension in the neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, sciatic area, and spine.

•Reduced swelling in the feet and lower limbs.

•Increased lymphatic, nerve, and blood circulation.

•Kidney stones have been reported to pass with the stimulation of the kidney reflexes.

•Many clients report they are as relaxed as if they had a full body massage

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